This bog will give you an insight on exactly what you’d expect from Creo 8.0 & the enhancements that it offers to:

  1. Usability and productivity
  2. Model-based definition (MBD)
  3. Additive and subtractive manufacturing &
  4. Generative design and simulation.


(Every year Creo makes it easier to do your job and helps make you more productive. Creo 8 includes enhancements to — Hole features, Geodesic curves, Routed systems, Sheet metal, Render Studio and more.)

  • Model tree enhancements (quilts, custom groups, sideby-side tree) mean you can capture and group design items for easier understanding of model structure.
  • Snapshot features enable historical review, so you can show or copy quilts/bodies at selected time in model history.
  • Hole feature improvements give you enhanced tapped, threaded holes, and the placement of several holes with a single sketch.
  • Creo now has the ability to create multiple flat walls in sheet metal to a common definition, the ability to create geodesic curves, and also offers enhancements to routed systems.
  • Inseparable assemblies give you easier component management of purchased parts.
  • Render Studio offers the option to leverage supported GPUs. Creo 8 streamlines workflows to reduce time, errors, and cost, while you improve quality across the enterprise.


(Creo 8 streamlines workflows to reduce time, errors, and cost, while you improve quality across the enterprise.)

  • Symbol modernization, including streamlined workflows, semantic definitions and symbol gallery.
  • GD&T Advisor support for assemblies and improved workflows for dimension creation.
  • Advanced surface collection capabilities for standalone annotations.
  • Enhanced detailing capabilities, with new sketching tools to convey design intent more easily.


(Generative design autonomously creates designs from a set of criteria you specify, while simulation tools can guide and help validate your design decisions. Set yourself up for innovation with these given enhancements.)

  • Automatic envelope, draft-handling, and radius constraint for generative design.
  • Steady-state flow analysis as part of Creo Simulation Live.
  • Improved mesh and deflection control in Creo Ansys Simulation.


(Creo 8.0 helps you improve and simplify designs for both additive and subtractive manufacturing, including simulation-driven lattice design and improvements to machining in subtractive manufacturing.)

  • Simulation-driven lattices eliminate the manual process of adding variability to lattices. Simulation results from CSL and Creo Simulate can now be used to optimize the variability of the lattices. This capability is accessible via the same lattice feature UI and workflow.
  • Tray and build direction enhancements for printability.
  • 5-axis high-speed machining capabilities with easy-to-use simultaneous 5-axis and 3+2 axis collision-free tool paths.

Creo is a 3D CAD solution that helps you accelerate product innovation so you can build better products faster. Easyto-learn Creo seamlessly takes you from the earliest phases of product design to manufacturing and beyond. You can combine powerful, proven functionality with new technologies such as generative design, augmented reality, real-time simulation, additive manufacturing and the IoT, to iterate faster, reduce costs and improve product quality.

The world of product development moves quickly, and only Creo delivers the transformative tools you need to build competitive advantage and gain market share.

Please visit the MODELCAM support page for the most up-to-date platform support and system requirements. (Source — PTC Onshape.)

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“Modelcam have FOUR Business Verticals — SALES — Engineering Softwares (CAD/CAM/CAE) INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ENGINEERING SERVICES

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Iot course in Pune | Modelcam Technologies

Iot course in Pune | Modelcam Technologies

“Modelcam have FOUR Business Verticals — SALES — Engineering Softwares (CAD/CAM/CAE) INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ENGINEERING SERVICES

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